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Mid-Semester Course

The College of Arts & Sciences will be offering a mid-semester course this fall as part of the Year of the Europe.  

A&S 100-401: The Culture of European Cities
Start Date: October 27, 2015  | 2 credit hours
Tuesday/Thursday - 6-8:10 p.m. | Funkhouser 200

Professor Susan Larson

“The Culture of European Cities” offers a comparative study of the culture (literature, film, photography, painting, graffiti, architecture, music) of historical and contemporary European cities such as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Rome, London, St. Petersburg and Madrid. This course invites you to consider these urban cultural forms and their role in the creation of concepts of ‘Europe’ ‘European’ and ‘Europeanness’ as an open set of ideas attached to a complex, evolving and predominantly urban sense of place. The primary goal of the course is to introduce the student to some of the forms and preoccupations that have characterized urban European narratives from the late nineteenth century to the present day.